The Rainbows were first formed in 1987 for girls aged five to seven (from age four in Northern Ireland).  They meet in units of between five and 18 girls. 

Being a Rainbow is all about learning, developing self-confidence and building friendships. Rainbows are encouraged to learn about working together and being kind and considerate to others, and also to think about the wider world. Although Rainbows do sometimes do badges and challenges, the main focus is on having lots of fun!

Activities in Rainbows are organised around work the four areas of the Rainbow Jigsaw - Look, Learn, Laugh and Love. 

  • Rainbows Look - Helps the girls to take a look at the wider world about them.
  • Rainbows Learn - Encourages learning through fun activities.
  • Rainbows Laugh - Teaches the girls, games, songs and how to enjoy parties and celebrations.
  • Rainbows Love - Gives Rainbows a better understanding of love and helping others, promotes in particular understanding of the Promise.

Often Rainbows will take part in activities such as singing, dancing and playing games, and do lots of crafts and cooking. Sometimes visitors may come to the Unit to talk to Rainbows about subjects such as road safety or how to care for pets. Rainbows may also go on visits to local attractions, meet up with other Rainbows, Brownies and Guides for special events and take part in a one night sleepover.

Once a Rainbow reaches seven, she is gently introduced to Brownies.